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BUNKER PROJECT – THE END IS IN SIGHT!2023-12-12T10:24:38+10:00

Following a series of flooding events in early 2022, our bunker system was rendered unsuitable for play. As a Club, we decided to take the opportunity to future-proof the golf course and invest in a million-dollar project to redesign every bunker complex on the course – and add a few more!

Our team of visionary architects, contractors and course staff have dedicated countless hours to creating a bunker redesign plan that not only enhances the aesthetics of our course, but also enhances your golfing prowess.

The construction works for this project commenced in late April 2023, and has been staged over the course of 12 months to minimise disruption. The project is progressing very well, and it is expected that by the time our Contractors take a break in mid-December, the only construction works to be completed in the New Year will be the 17th and 9th holes.

As at 12th December, works were ongoing on the 1st hole, with that hole expected to come back into play sometime late-December – early-January.

Of the remaining holes, the following works are planned:

  • 9th Hole – Four greenside bunkers, stretching from the middle across to the right, plus the left side of the green will be raised to the height of the right.
  • 17th Hole – A new, much larger green will be constructed, and three fairway bunkers to guard the landing area of the big hitters.

The works to the greenside bunkers have been completed on holes 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 18. New fairway bunkers are now in play on holes 2, 3, 10 13, 15 and 16.  Works are currently underway on hole 4, and will soon commence on the first hole.

An unforseen delay to works on the 17th hole has lead to us closing this hole for now, and it will remain closed until such time as the new green is ready for play.

With all this work scheduled, the club had two temporary greens constructed on the 7th and 10th holes to be used at different stages of the renovation. At times, the Par 5 7th and 10th holes have been split into a Par 4 + Par 3 (holes 7A/7B and 10A/10B). In addition, our practice fairway hole – a 120m par 3 to one of our target greens, has been in play at times. The configuration options available to us through these temporary greens has ensured that we have had 18 holes – each with its own top quality putting surface, available at all times to date. These temporary layouts have been embraced by our members and visitors alike.

If you are planning on visiting across the Christmas-New Year period (mid-December to early-January) – here’s what you can expect:

  • Front Nine – Holes 2 to 9 intact, with new bunkers completed on all but the 9th hole.  Hole 1B will be in play for the 1st Hole until it is ready for play.
  • Back Nine – Temporary holes 10A and 10B in play, and the 17th out of play.  Completed holes with new bunkers on all other holes – 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 18.

While the course might look a little different at present, you can still expect the same rolling and tree-lined fairways and pure greens that makes Headland a jewel in the crown of the Coast’s golf courses.

We appreciate your continued support and patronage during this time, and look forward to the conclusion of this project early in the New Year!

Click here to see the Bunker Masterplan, or check out our socials for project updates.




In April 2023, the Club commenced construction on a $1M+ Bunker Renovation Project.  The project has gone exceptionally well, and the feedback has been very positive.

From mid-December, the interruption to normal play will be very minimal.  The 1st Hole should re-open for play sometime late-December – early January, with Hole 1B in play until then.  Holes 2-9 will be “as normal”.  Only the 17th hole will be out of play on the back nine.  A new green and bunker system will be constructed in January, keeping this hole out of play until some time in April.  To offset this, the 10th hole will be played as a par 4 (10A) and a par 3 (10B).

By early January, we expect to have 16 holes completed with all new bunker designs and state-of-the-art drainage.

CLICK HERE for more information.

We are sure you will love the new look Headland layout, and we look forward to your visit!